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“I love your artwork! So happy with my purchases! I bought the mouse and toadstool art print, a few bookmarks and stickers. I’m thrilled with my stuff!! The art print is vibrant and the paper is thick - fits perfectly in my 8x10 frame. Packed well in a rigid mailer envelope and wasn’t bent or curved. The bookmarks have become my favorite go to ones I love fantasy novels and these bookmarks just have that magic fantasy vibe I love. Nice glossy finish on them. The stickers are freaking perfect. I decorate my Cricut machine with them and I’ll be back for more!” - J. Donily

Meet the Artist

Why limit oneself to a single discipline when the world of creation is vast and boundless? I proudly wear the title of a Chaos Artist—someone who thrives on the eclectic dance of various mediums. My hands are always in motion, crafting, sculpting, and bringing visions to life. Chaos is my canvas, and creativity knows no bounds. Freelance Illustrator and Graphic Design: As a freelance illustrator, I've had the honor of being commissioned for a myriad of art pieces and concept designs. But that's not all—I am also a creative consultant, a guide through the expansive realms of imagination. Authors have trusted me to breathe life into their worlds, brainstorm ideas for their manuscripts, and design logos that encapsulate the essence of their stories. I've been a companion to people from all walks of life on their creative journeys.

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