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Hire me as a Creative Freelancer

Beyond the Canvas - Your Creative Virtual Assistant: But wait, there's more! I'm not just here to share my creations—I'm also your go-to freelance creative virtual assistant. Need a touch of magic for your business? I've worked wonders for others, crafting logos that tell stories, graphics that dance off the screen, and immersive maps and images for online RPG adventures. Why Wild Spirit Design? Heartfelt Creativity: Every stroke and pixel is infused with passion and purpose. Versatility: From logos to book covers, I bring your visions to life across various mediums. Midwest Magic: Based in the heartland, my creations resonate with the spirit of the Midwest—genuine, warm, and full of character. Let's Co-Create Magic: Ready to infuse your brand with a touch of Wild Spirit magic? Whether you're here to explore the artful wonders in my store or seeking a creative ally for your business endeavors, I'm thrilled to embark on this creative journey with you. Reach Out: Let's connect and turn your ideas into vibrant realities. Feel free to explore my online store, and if you're ready to bring your projects to life, I'm just a message away. Thank you for stepping into the realm of Wild Spirit Design—a place where creativity knows no limits, and every creation is a brushstroke of pure magic.

Services as a Creative Virtual Assistant

Artist & Creative: Leverage my artistic intuition to infuse your brand with captivating visuals that leave a lasting impression. Graphic Design Skills: From stunning logos to eye-catching marketing collateral, I'm your go-to for visually stunning materials. Copywriting & Blog Writing: Watch your ideas come to life as I craft compelling copy and engaging blog posts that resonate. Landing Page & Funnel Creation: Turn clicks into conversions with meticulously crafted landing pages and funnels using Email Marketing: Let me write your email campaigns, captivating your audience with content that converts. I write, you post, in whichever software you're using! File Organization & Cloud Storage: From digital tidiness to accessible assets, I'm your organizational wizard. Canva Creation: Infuse your social media with a burtst of creativity that captures attention and sparks engagement. Seamlessly create striking visuals with tailor-made templates that reflect your unique brand. From social media posts to templates and ebooks, we can create it together! *Note: I am not a social media manager. I will supply you with the posts, description and hashtags but I wil not run your account*
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Reviews and Testimonials

“I love your artwork! So happy with my purchases! I bought the mouse and toadstool art print, a few bookmarks and stickers. I’m thrilled with my stuff!! The art print is vibrant and the paper is thick - fits perfectly in my 8x10 frame. Packed well in a rigid mailer envelope and wasn’t bent or curved. The bookmarks have become my favorite go to ones I love fantasy novels and these bookmarks just have that magic fantasy vibe I love. Nice glossy finish on them. The stickers are freaking perfect. I decorate my Cricut machine with them and I’ll be back for more!” - J. Donily
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Meet the Artist

Greetings from the heart of North-Central Iowa, where the soil is rich, the flowers bloom, and creativity dances freely. In the summer, you'll often find me immersed in my flower garden, lost in the world of sketching, or with my nose buried in the pages of a captivating book. Meet the Chaos Artist: Why limit oneself to a single discipline when the world of creation is vast and boundless? I proudly wear the title of a Chaos Artist—someone who thrives on the eclectic dance of various mediums. My hands are always in motion, crafting, sculpting, and bringing visions to life. Chaos is my canvas, and creativity knows no bounds. Freelance Illustrator and Creative Consultant: As a freelance illustrator, I've had the honor of being commissioned for a myriad of art pieces and concept designs. But that's not all—I am also a creative consultant, a guide through the expansive realms of imagination. Authors have trusted me to breathe life into their worlds, brainstorm ideas for their manuscripts, and design logos that encapsulate the essence of their stories. I've been a companion to people from all walks of life on their creative journeys. The Wild Spirit Philosophy: Why restrict oneself to a box when the world is a canvas waiting to be painted with vibrant strokes of creativity? The inspiration behind my business name stems from my refusal to confine my skills to one particular specialty. I am a Wild Spirit, crafting outside the conventional, and embracing the chaos of limitless possibilities.
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Contact Me

Curious to explore the chaos? Join me in the dance of creativity! Feel free to reach out, and let's infuse your projects with the wild spirit of boundless imagination. Here's to embracing the chaos and painting the world with the vibrant hues of creativity! Contact me via e-mail or direct message on social media! Let's be friends on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok!
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